Québec City

Université Laval is located in Québec City, about 6 km from the city center, and about 12 km from the Jean-Lesage International Airport.

Upon arrival at the Jean-Lesage International Airport, it is easier to take a taxi to get to the university (about $30, 20 min). You can also take public transportation, but it is longer (about 1 h, more information here).

To get to Université Laval from Montréal, you can take the train or the bus (about 3 h). There are two bus terminals and two train stations in Quebec City. They both have a location downtown and in Sainte-Foy, closer to the university. You can find more information here.

Université Laval

Here is a map of the campus indicating where the meeting building La Laurentienne (#26) is located, along with the service building Desjardins (#36; with a food coart, bank...). Parkings ('P' in green) are also shown on the map (these are ~20$Ca/day). The Metrobus stop ('A' in black) is in front of the building Desjardins.

There are many possibilites:
- on the university campus (see below for information and reservation);
- at walking distance around the university (list of suggestions);
- closer to downtown (about 15-20 minutes with the Metrobus 800 or 801).

On campus :
Hébergement hôtelier du Service des résidences de l'Université Laval - The housing alternative offering the best value for your money in Québec City!

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Québec City on the Université Laval campus, l'hébergement hôtelier du Service des residences offers accommodation in a stimulating environment close to many tourist attractions. To meet specific needs, a number of affordable, customized packages are available. Practical, economical, and safe, our short-term accommodation offers you an unforgettable experience full of life and culture. The Convention and Conference Package offers a convenient and affordable alternative for participants who wish to stay in Quebec City. Only a few steps from the campus conference buildings, our four residences are also just five kilometers from the Quebec City Convention Center. The city bus (Metrobus 800 or 801) will get you there in only fifteen minutes.

Standard University Room (shared bathroom)
These rooms have two single beds and feature all the amenities usually available in hotels or bed linen and towels, shampoo and soap, parking included, free wireless internet access and free local calls.
Rates: $41 + taxes in single occupancy and $54 + taxes in double occupancy

Superior University Room (private bathroom; available year round)
These rooms are equipped with a bathroom, a Queens bed, a TV, a microwave oven, refrigerator and telephone. They usually have all the amenities offered by hotels or bed linen and towels, shampoo and soap, parking included, free wireless internet access and free local calls.
Rates: $90 + taxes in single occupancy or double occupancy

You can find more information about our service id you click on this link:

To reserve, use the following form and select the proper event in the scrolling list at the end:
Workshop SIGNALS- Event #296934

For information, contact us directly at 418-656-5632 or by email at hebergement@sres.ulaval.ca and mention the name of the event.


May 27-30, 2019
Université Laval
Building La Laurentienne
Room 1435

Last day for registration

February 1st 2019

For questions

Please contact:

LOC at WS-SIGNALS@phy.ulaval.ca

SOC at SIGNALS-Workshop@cfht.hawaii.edu